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The Mighty Few

Iikooshtaka’atbaatchaache, home of the Mighty Few. Historically, and still today, the Mighty Few (a District of the Crow Nation in Southeast Montana) have proven their name through resourcefulness, determination, and strength in unity. Witness the process of this community strengthening their connection to identity, the land, and community togetherness. Through truly grassroots efforts, the Mighty Few are guiding action that creates necessary healing, economic opportunities, and self-determination to thrive into the future. 

We hope the film & podcasts can serve this community and support their work,

as well as spark insight for other communities.


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View the one minute trailer here:

Life in the Land: The Mighty Few

View the full 49 minute film here:

How to use the content
Resources for Hosting a Screening

Please feel free to screen this film, or portion thereof, in your gathering, workshop, or classroom.

If you show the film publicly, please fill out THIS SHORT FORM.

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Podcast episodes, which will expand upon interviews from the film, will be available Spring 2024.

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Deep gratitude to everyone who shared with us for this film:

Bill Backbone

Grace Crow

Brandon Goodluck

Lesley Jackson Kabotie

Mike & Joy Yellow Mule

Erianne Smith

Harold Male Bear Stone

Beverly White Clay

Clinton White Clay

Channis D. Whiteman

Janice Wilson & her Crow Studies Students

Bill & Maggie Yellowtail

The Wyola Community

Film Credits

Director & Cinematographer: Lara Tomov

Producers: Lesley Jackson Kabotie & Marina Weatherly

Narration: JoRee LaFrance

Associate Producer & Additional Camera: Robyn Iron

Production Assistant & Additional Camera: Rachal Male Bear Stone

Production Assistant & Location Scout: Sarah Stone

Sound Mixing: John D. Nilles & Shoot Montana

Narration Recording: Tyson Kreiter

Indian Relay Footage: Mike Clark

Consultation: Tim McClearly, Tim Bernardis, Lesley Kabotie, Bill Yellowtail,

Little Bighorn College Library, Crow Language Consortium

Mighty Few District Song: Janice Wilson's Crow Studies Students

Maps & Graphics: Katy Sprout & Lex Harold

This film is made possible in part by the Big Sky Film Grant.

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